Summer Beers at London Brewers’ Market

Summertime is here and we are loving every bit of it! Whether you’re headed to the local park for a picnic, enjoying a BBQ at a mate’s house or enjoying the sun in a pub’s beer garden, London’s brewers have you covered for great beer whatever you’re up to this season.

Here are some of our picks of summer beers you could find at the London Brewers’ Market:

Snakecharmer IPA – One Mile End
We are big fans of One Mile End, and Snakecharmer is a great introduction to their range. If you don’t get a chance to try it at London Brewers’ Market, head off afterwards to The White Hart Brew Pub, the home of the brewery, for a taste of this brew, alongside other One Mile End’s ace creations.
Also try: Battersea IPA from Sambrook’s Brewery

Hook Island Red in malt

Hook Island Red – The Five Points Brewing Company
Although the summer is often dominated by lagers and pale ales, there’s plenty of wonderful things to be said for a glass of Hook Island Red on draught or a bottle from the fridge. The beer is a fantastic mix of flavours both fruity, bitter and resinous, and great for those BBQs in the park.
Also try: Notting Hill Ruby Rye from Moncada Brewery

India Hells Lager – Camden Town Brewery
If you come across a mistaken soul who things all lagers are bland and boring, toss a can of India Hells Lager his or her way. Doubly-dry-hopped, the IHL is a clean, brisk brew which will go down a treat at the next picnic or summer party you’re at.
Also try: Frontier from Fuller’s

Brixton Beer

Electric IPA – Brixton Brewery
All of the beers in Brixton’s range are solid, but our personal favourite is their Electric IPA, named after the famed Electric Avenue. American hops bring forth some excellent citrus flavours, making it a perfect pick for the beer garden or your friend’s house party.
Also try: Worm Catcher IPA from Late Knights Brewery, Brockwell IPA from Canopy Beer Co.

Raspberry Lemon Saison – Partizan Brewing
The super-refreshing Raspberry Lemon Saison from Partizan is a delicious and distinctive beer to drink in the London Brewers’ Market beer garden or at their brewery’s arch in Bermondsey on Saturdays. Also look out for their Lemon Thyme Saison for a more botanical brew–and one of our organisers’ favourites.
Also try: Raspberry Wheat from Meantime Brewing Co.

N7 Pale – Hammerton Brewery
The N7 from Hammerton is a superb beer featuring six different hops from the United States and New Zealand. This is a particularly juicy beer that’s doing really well on the Britain’s 100 Hottest Beers list and if you’re a fan of other pale ales and haven’t yet given this one a try, don’t miss it!
Also Try: Windsor Knot from Windsor & Eton Brewery, Signature Pale from Signature Brew

West Coast Saison – Fourpure Brewing Co.
Fourpure’s West Coast Saison is a Belgian-style saison with an American accent. This beer is incredibly refreshing, and a great introduction to the saison style if you haven’t had a chance to explore this beer style much, or are looking for a local alternative to Belgian offerings.
Also try: Blood Orange Saison from One Mile End

beavertown-3 small

Gamma Ray – Beavertown Brewery
A quintessential example of an American pale ale, Beavertown’s Gamma Ray features a merry band of five different hops to create a gorgeously-flavoured beer. The colourful design on the cans only further enhance the appeal of this great APA.
Also try: IPA from Howling Hops

Paradise Pale – Redchurch Brewery
Billed as a session IPA, the Paradise Pale packs an immensely flavourful punch at only 3.7% ABV, making it a great beer to pint through in the summer sun. The Paradise Pale was enjoyed by us recently at Field Day, along with a few other brews on this list.
Also try: Zephyr from Truman’s Brewery, Notting Hill Summer from Moncada Brewery

The Smoked Brown – Anspach & Hobday
Not only is The Smoked Brown from Anspach & Hobday a tasty beer on its own, its smoked malt character makes it a great beer to have alongside BBQ meats and grilled vegetables. Plus, this brew is just begging to be added to a marinade that would no doubt be out of this world.
Also try: By the Horns Old Smoke English Tea Bitter

Jamboree – East London Brewing Company
If you’re looking for a beer that’s super quaffable, ELB’s Jamboree is a fantastic candidate. Using English hops, it provides a fantastic counterpoint to some of the other beers on this list. A pint of this in a pub garden on a lazy Saturday is absolute bliss.
Also try: Kew Brewery Pagoda No. 1

Gosnells Mead

Gosnells Mead
We love beer, but we like to branch out into other drinks on occasion, and Gosnells Mead is a superb tipple for the sunny weather. Remarkably light-bodied, this is fantastic to have on hand when you’re in the mood for something sweeter.
Also try: Cider from Crate Brewery

Have we missed your favourite London beer to drink on a sunny day? Let us know what London brews you like to drink in the comments!


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