Market Spotlight: Welcoming Square Root Soda!


Officially, Square Root Soda began its journey in 2012 with founders Ed Taylor and Robyn Simms proffering their handmade ginger beer at a farmers’ market in Haringey. But before this, the co-founders were working in beer, with Ed brewing at Redemption and Howling Hops, and Robyn working at the Euston Tap. From ginger beer, they moved on to experimenting with flavours inspired by seasonal produce. Square Root then relocated from their home kitchen to a Hackney Downs arch, where they’re based today.

Their handmade sodas went down so well that Square Root decided to collaborate with some of their industry friends on a series of non-alcoholic shandies. They first experimented with Pressure Drop Brewing and Wallbanger and Smallbanger were born. They’ve worked with other London breweries for a series of delicious variations, including a Citrus Pale Shandy with The Five Points Brewing Co and a Bergamot Weizen with Beavertown Brewery.



The team at Square Root use only the finest, freshest ingredients, with everything juiced or infused by hand. They work directly with farmers to ensure that they’re getting the best and most flavoursome materials, snapping up the softest (and often most juicy!) and wonky fruits deemed too ugly for supermarket shelves. This philosophy extends to their shandies and even to the juices and rinds that they provide to breweries to be used in their beers.


We have invited Square Root to join us at The London Brewers’ Market at Old Spitalfield’s Market because – following from the success of their non-alcoholic range – they’ve recently forayed into the world of hard shandies. Going back to their roots, they approached Howling Hops to make this dream happen. Das Radler, a 2.5% shandy, is the fruit of their labour. This might just be the beginning of Square Root wading into higher ABV territory, and we can’t wait to see what more they might bring to the multi-talented landscape of our city’s brewing scene.

Join Square Root Soda, and 22 other London breweries, at Old Spitalfields Market on Saturday, 25th November. The market will run from 11.30am until 6.30pm alongside the Independent Label Market, and both are free entry and open to all. 


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