Guest Post: London Brewers’ Market Summer 2016 Mini-Review

Guest post: Rebecca Pate is a Canadian based in East London with a passion for great beer. Her blog, Brewing East, focuses on industry events, independent breweries and London’s evolving drinking culture. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram.


On Saturday the 23 July 2016, the London Brewers’ Market was once again in full force, bringing 27 local breweries to the Old Spitalfields Market in East London. Drinkers survived unseasonably warm temperatures with a cold beer in hand, sampling a variety of examples and styles from breweries both familiar and new. It comes as no surprise that IPAs were prevalent, offering the perfect refreshing bitterness to temper the rising mercury as the afternoon progressed. Cans were king- from the new 360° designs to the 500ml tallboys- and there were some specific beers that were causing a buzz.


Although impossible to sample everything proffered at the Brewers’ Market, I was earnest to discover the crème de la crème to ensure that even if you missed a beer on the day, you can keep your eyes peeled for it in the coming months.


Read my overview of the Brewer’s Market and the beers on Brewing East.


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