Tryanuary Round-up of London Brews #2

We’ve been asking some of our favourite folks around town for their Tryanuary picks from London breweries. Here’s the second instalment of a selection of London beers they think you should try this month.

Doreen Joy Barber, Communications & Events Manager at The Five Points Brewing Company

Doreen dwinks

Doreen Joy Barber is The Five Points Brewing Company‘s Communications, Marketing & Events Manager, as well as the organiser of London Brewer’s Market and the ghost in the shell for other schemes, including Tweeast London (@tweeastlondon). She likes cats and has obscene difficulty in picking just three beers from London breweries she wants people to drink.

Railway Porter from The Five Points Brewing Company
Have a pint of Railway Porter on cask during a bleak January evening, preferably next to a fireplace with either a book or some good conversation, and you’ll be winning all the days. So rich, so tasty–it’s like a roasty, bitter chocolate, beery hug for your soul. I don’t have a favourite of beers we do, but the Railway Porter is a definite comfort beer.

Imperial Brown Stout from The Kernel Brewery
The Imperial Brown Stout from The Kernel has long been a favourite since my days working in a pub in Stoke Newington around four years ago. It’s the ultimate winter warmer with its high percentage, smooth taste and obscene drinkability. There are additionally other barrel-aged versions of this beer, so seek those out for extra Tryanuary points.

Nightwatchman from East London Brewing Company
ELB produce some absolutely stunning beers on cask, so it’s hard to pick a favourite among them. Nightwatchman is a lovely pint of bitter with a nice amber-red hue to it. Slightly sweet and caramel-biscuity but with enough hops to keep it interesting. You must have in a pub that looks after its cask ale really well like The Wenlock Arms. If you can pair it with a cheese toastie, even better.

Chris Hall, Beer Writer and Sales & Media Coordinator for Brew By Numbers

©gavinfreeborn-18 (2).jpg

Chris Hall is a freelance beer writer and beer judge, and works for Brew By Numbers as Sales & Media Coordinator. As well day-to-day sales, Chris manages the growing brewery’s social media (@brewbynumbers), website, blog and external events. You can find him on Twitter @chrishallbeer. His photo was taken by Gavin Freeborn.

Mariana Trench from Weird Beard Brew Co.
Easily one of the most underrated and unsung beers in the UK, never mind London, Mariana Trench is a transpacific pale ale with an utterly sublime juiciness that runs the spectrum of orange, lime, passionfruit, grape and peach. I’ve been blown away by this beer in every format I’ve tasted it in, but none more so than on cask, where the silky mouthfeel seems to really let the juice loose.

London Sour Damson from The Kernel Brewery
Of the many, many beers from The Kernel that I’d recommend to friends, fellow pub patrons and passers-by in the street, Damson Sour (or DAMN, Son! Sour as I call it) is at the top of my list. For one, it’s a beautiful, radiant fuchsia-pink beer that demands to be held up to the light. It’s also a delight to drink, the plummy richness of Damson balanced sharply by its uncompromisingly mouth-popping tartness.

Nico from Orbit Beers
I’ve been hugely impressed by the output of Robbie and the guys at Orbit in 2015. Nico is their Cologne ‘kolsch’-style ale, which is a fantastic gateway beer for those who love lagers and golden ales but want to get into beers with depth and complexity. Nico is a very technically-accomplished kolsch. It’s a style defined by softness, delicacy and refreshment, which Nico has in spades.

Beer Farts, Beer Writer and Lego Legend

Beer Farts is a “beer writer, blogger, geek or whatever the term is nowadays,” best known for pairing Lego with his beer reviews. He also happens to work in sales for a London brewery, but his enthusiasm for beer extends far and wide. Beer Farts can be found on Twitter and Instagram (@beer_farts) and will soon launch a website:

London Alt from Mondo Brewing
Many well establish brewers have attempted and failed at this style. Even some flat capped punks didn’t get it right. An extremely tricky style of beer to master but Mondo seem to have proven it’s not just the German’s that can brew it well. Full of plum, orange, apple, berries and caramelised nuts. If you’ve never tried an Alt bier before than this is a perfect example of how great it can be.

Hepcat from Gipsy Hill Brewing Company
So many session IPAs lack a punch but not this one from Gipsy Hill. Packed full of tropical fruits throughout with a moreish biscuit body that just makes you want more. These guys never fail to impress and prove that low abv beers don’t have to have less flavour.

Treason IPA from Uprising Brewery
Kieran (head brewer) may be young but he oozes knowledge which is no doubt in part to his dad, Paddy of Windsor & Eton Brewery. For his first brew for Uprising Kieran took the west coast styled IPAs and gave it a posh Windsor accent. Combining pine, orange and mango sherbet all on a rich caramel base. Perfectly balanced with a clean finish.

What have been some of your favourite Tryanuary discoveries from London breweries? Give ’em a shout in our comments.


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