Original Gravity: The London Brew Scene

We’ve asked filmmaker Kevin Karaca to chat with us at LBM about the short film he’s been working on called Original Gravity: The London Brewing Scene, which will be released soon. Here’s what Kevin had to say:


The past 5 years have been some of the most exciting years in London’s beer history; we’ve seen the rise of around 80 new breweries within the M25 alone!! That’s not forgetting of course the hundreds of other micro-breweries opening around the UK as well; so much so that out government announced that “Britain has returned to its rightful role as a global ‘brewing powerhouse’ … the past 2 years has seen breweries opening up at 3 every week”. The previous few years has seen the London Craft Beer Festival being hosted alongside the Great British Beer Festival, both beside London Beer City – a week of city wide beer events. The Five Points Brewing Company have set up the every-so-often London Brewers Market which hosts a huge selection of great London brews whose website you are now on and whose event you will surely be attending on the 28th of November – I know I will!


While all this has been going on, we at the Original Gravity Film Team (no relation to our dear friends at Original Gravity Magazine) have been busy capturing all the exciting things going on! Our idea was to show the thoughts of those working in London’s brewing scene and try to understand why it has all started now & what our beery future was looking like. Along our year-and-a-half long adventure we found that London’s brewers were a community like no other we’d ever encountered before; helping each other out, lending hops & malt to neighbours down the road, sharing palates whilst shipping & finally all drinking together. This camaraderie really captured us, and every day we’d witness more evidence of it.

“This is an important film, brilliantly executed” (Daniel Neilson, Nov 2015)

We got hold of some of London’s most important breweries such as The Kernel, Sambrook’s, Five Points, Beavertown and Hop Stuff together with the UK’s best beer commentators, including the likes of Pete Brown & Jane Peyton. Touching upon topics such as the recession’s influence, the US craft scene & casks importance within the UK’s craft beer scene.

We’re so excited that we’ve finished and are finally ready to show you behind the scenes with a chance to meet the brewers & find out what we’ve discovered about London’s beer world.

Original Gravity: The London Brew Scene (Official Trailer) from Original Gravity Film on Vimeo.

Check out our website originalgravityfilm.uk for more information about screenings in the New Year!

In the meantime catch you in Old Spitalfields Market for London Brewers’ Market on the 28th!


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