Guest Post: Bottle & Bean’s May subscriptions with Hop Stuff Brewery & Notes Roastery

This is a guest post from Charlie Poutney of Bottle & Bean. If you would like to have a guest post on the London Brewers’ Market site, give us a shout.

Last week, Bottle & Bean launched their May craft beer and coffee subscriptions featuring our old friends from the London Brewers’ Market, Hop Stuff Brewery, as well as Notes Roastery.

By signing up, Bottle & Bean will send you a selection of 8 of Hop Stuff’s beers and an invitation to join in a live online beer tasting with James Yeomans from Hop Stuff Brewery on the last Thursday in May. You can also watch a brewery tour and interview with James the founder to better acquaint yourself with the producer.

Bottle & Bean offer and immersive craft beer and coffee subscription service, bringing you closer to the UK’s finest independent producers. Receive the products every month and then join in with the live tastings via your computer, tablet or smart phone as we taste our way through a few of the drinks with key members of the team. There’s no minimum sign up, so why not have a go! Previous featured breweries include Anspach & Hobday and Brixton Brewery, whose promo videos you can view here.

Live Beer Tasting March Bottle & Bean

Visit the Bottle & Bean website for more details on how to get a subscription for beer, coffee or both. You can additionally shop for beer on their online store.

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