Brewtunes from Hackney Brewery, Orbit Beers, One Mile End and The Five Points

Breweries tend to be noisy places, with the hiss of equipment, the clank of pallet trucks, the bang of mallets onto casks and the whine of pipes as wort moves through them. Another common sound in the breweries of our London brewers is music, often played loudly to be heard over the constant din of brewing and packaging.

Here’s a small selection of what some of our London Brewers’ Market breweries are listening to while brewing, packaging and organising the sales of the beer you’ll be drinking at the next market.

Hackney Brewery’s Jack Landridge 

Jack Landridge at Hackney Brewery

Jerusalem/ Dopesmoker
“Immensely heavy drone-rock that soundtracked our Gyle 666 brew.”

Chuck Berry
The Best Of
“Ideal when we’re rocking out brewing up our American Pale Ale!”

Chas and Dave
Anything they’ve recorded
“Look, we’re in the heart of the East End. Our perfect pub has a piano in the corner for a knees-up singalong, pickled eggs on the bar, and local beers made in Hackney available in cask and keg. Gertcha!”

Orbit Beers’ Robert Middleton

Orbit Beers' Robert Middleton

False Idols
“Best album since his debut with Maxinquaye.”

Telemetric Melodies
“Other worldly sounds for chilled out days.”

Truckload of Trouble
“Kurt Cobain’s second favourite band’s finest moments.”

One Mile End’s Simon McCabe

Simon McCabe of One Mile End

Gallon Drunk
The Road Gets Darker From Here
“Legendary band keep knocking out amazing albums.”

Antlered Man
This Devil is Them
“Bonkers brilliance.”

Lord Auch
To The Shithouse
“Had to shove one of my own in 😉 Young and Lost Club are at the Independent Label Market, too. Farewell to an amazing label!”

The Five Points’ Doreen Joy Barber

Doreen at The Five Points

Father John Misty
I Love You, Honeybear
“Incredibly wry, but also terribly earnest. Sort of reminds me of growing up in the American South. Maybe it’s the swearing”

Viet Cong
Viet Cong
“We play this album often, as well as Public Strain by Women. It’s just amazing”

Jessica Pratt
Jessica Pratt
“Haven’t had a chance to hear her latest album yet, but her debut LP is aching and magnificent.”

The creativity in brewing often spills over into music, with quite a few brewhands and beer workers in bands and other music projects, as you can see above with Simon McCabe’s Lord Auch, and also Dearjoseph and Echo Lake, featuring Five Points’ Emmanuel Ross and Thom Hill respectively. Signature Brew blend music and together well in their tasty collaborations with artists and record labels.

Beer and music go great together, which is why it’s brilliant to have them both together at Old Spitalfields Market with London Brewers’ Market and Independent Label Market. Ask the brewers what music they’ve been listening to, and chat with the record label folks about what beers they’ve been enjoying!


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