Hello from LBM’s organisers: The Five Points Brewing Company

The Five Points Brewing Company

At The Five Points Brewing Company, we have a great enthusiasm for the London beer scene which we are proudly a part of. As individuals, we have enjoyed the beer of London’s breweries since the heady days of Mason & Taylor. As a brewery, we organised a London Brewers’ bar at Leeds International Beer Festival in 2013 and participated in the first London Beer City last year.

We also organised London Brewers’ Market in the autumn of 2013 and held the first ever edition of the Market on Saturday the 30th of November, 2013, alongside the well-established Independent Label Market at Old Spitalfields. We invited along members of the London Brewers’ Alliance to develop an event to showcase the quality and breadth of breweries in the capital that was good for brewers and drinkers, as well as being a lot of fun for everyone involved!

London is home to a number of breweries–currently at least 62 and growing! With the London Brewers’ Market, we at The Five Points want to help introduce Londoners to the fantastic folks behind their local breweries, as well as to introduce drinkers from all over to what the independent brewers of this city can brew.

Five Points at Christmas 2014 LBM

For those of you who are unfamiliar with us here at The Five Points, we are an independent brewery based in Hackney, East London. We’ve been brewing since March of 2013, and we currently have a core range of four beers: Five Points Pale, Railway Porter, Hook Island Red and Five Points IPA.

We’ll have a stall at the next London Brewers’ Market on the 28th of March alongside 21 other breweries, and we’ll be selling beer on draught as well as our bottles. Be sure to stop by The Five Points’ stand to taste some brews, pick up some bottles and have a chat about our brewery and the market. You can also reach us for any questions or feedback at info@fivepointsbrewing.co.uk.


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