Redemption Brewing Co., the Big Chiefs of London’s Brewing Community at LBM!

Tottenham legends Redemption Brewing Co. will be at our next London Brewers’ Market on Saturday, the 28th of March, at Old Spitalfields Market.

Redemption Brewery's Big Chief

Although this is their LBM debut, Redemption are hardly newcomers to London’s bright brewing scene. Established in 2010 by Andy Moffat, this brewery has not only been brewing a brilliant amount of ale, but has helped inspire a younger crop of London breweries. Partizan Brewing, One Mile End and Howling Hops are all breweries who can trace their lineage to this indomitable Tottenham brewery, and several other breweries and brewers have been influenced by Redemption’s solidly delicious range of ales. Learn more on their website.

We are pleased to have Redemption Brewing Co. along for our Easter Market, joining a great list of 20 other breweries plus Independent Label Market on the 28th of March!


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